from Kazusa-Minato.  Thanks as always to Kaheimaru!


6 responses to “Back

  1. Kawahagi, right? Oh, man… that photo takes me back! That was the very first fish I was served (for breakfast) when I moved to Nanao! Later I caught some myself. I never knew they were so tasty!

  2. This post really put a smile on my face. Thanks!

  3. Barbra & Jack: Just so, kawahagi! Very tasty fish: one of the tastiest of the little fishes, even their livers! I took seven this day, I gave five away and kept the two biggest for myself to make sashimi.

  4. I am a craftsman to make a Japanese bamboo fishing rod. In order to introduce widely the traditional crafts of Japan.I built the wabsite in English. And if you like, please visit my website.

  5. Hey,

    I would really like to join you fishing especially for Hirame but really for any of the saltwater species you fish for. I’M an experienced angler and grew up fishing for “fluke” (hirame) and many other species back home in NY. Please email me if you have time and would like some company- also I would love to have the contact for the boat you regularly use in ibaraki – thanks

    • Hi Greg,
      The boat I usually fish on in Ibaraki is the Yutaka-maru, which you can find on Facebook (no regular website). My next trip is scheduled for the new year, which you are welcome to join.
      All the best,

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