Thai sausage

Not a euphemism, but a fermented sausage made from lean pork, pig skin, cooked sticky rice, raw garlic and bird’s eye chillies.  I made these according to the recipe in the Marianski book.  They are stuffed into protein-lined fibrous (i.e., synthetic) casings and are currently fermenting away at 30°C.  I’ll check the pH tomorrow when they should be done.  Looking at the close-up photo you can probably spot the pig rind and also flecks of the extra-hot raw chillies inside.  This sausage can be eaten as-is or used for cooking into various traditional Thai dishes.



2 responses to “Thai sausage

  1. Looks great. Have you ever madeả_lụa? I love Chả Huế in in Bún bò Huế soup. The sausage is the perfect combination of meat, pepper, and garlic.

    • Hi Joel, no I haven’t; unfortunately Vietnamese food is a mystery to me – I just never seemed to have the chance to try it and would have Thai or Indian instead. However your sausage seems to be pretty close to nham although fresh rather than fermented. Unfortunately making my nham won me some reprimands over the garlic fumes so I am not sure if I can make any SE Asian sausages again for a while…

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