Thai naem sausage

I refrigerated the sausage for a few hours to make it easier to cut, and here’s the moment of truth…

The sausage insides came out looking just like the ones I have eaten in Thailand!  Mine came out a little less salty, a little less chilli-hot (the real ones blurred my vision when I ate them) but still packing a fairly hefty capsaicin punch and the texture and sour taste is just like how I remember.  I am very happy with how these sausages came out (and with further proof of the quality of the Marianski recipes).  Anyway, after sampling a few slices I decided to make naem sausage cooked with egg and it came out very nicely, with extra red chillies on top.  I used Vatch’s recipe which hilariously calls for more garlic, which I was glad to use, but unfortunately Ihad to make do without peanuts as there were none in my kitchen.  Still, the dish came out very nicely and I only just remembered to take a photo before wolfing it all down.


3 responses to “Thai naem sausage

  1. Did you give any to the neighbors that were complaining about the garlic smell? It might change their minds in the future.

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