Caught some big ones

At least if you are a tanago angler…

It was hotter and humider than Satan’s codpiece last Sunday in Japan, but out at sea at least there was an occasional breath of wind to relieve the heat.  The weather did not interfere unnecessarily with the main objective of the day’s outing, which was to eat a very large amount of tenpura (whiting, megochi, squid, prawns, shiitake, lots of different veg) washed down with beer and shochu mixers.

I rather felt we were on board a sea-going izakaya rather than a fishing vessel, reinforced by the fact that this was a charter organised by my local bar and there were some very serious drinkers and eaters.  I had a lot of stuff to do in the evening so tried to avoid getting too roaring-drunk, but met with the immense kindness of my hosts (Japanese hospitality seems to get even stronger when out on the water) who plied me with more shochu, more beer, do I need more ice? and so forth.  The hillocks of straight-out-the-pot tenpura, the asari littleneck clams shucked, lovingly skewered on bamboo and grilled with a soy sauce glaze, the infinity of pickles and miso-shiru and rice made me decide I would not need to eat again for about a week (this proved to be wrong, though).

My homemade whiting rod is still giving good service, and occasionally I caught some fish in between the Yebisu beers straight out the cooler.

Thank you very much to Captain Yukio as always, Fukagawa Fujimi and all the regulars at my local izakaya!


6 responses to “Caught some big ones

  1. Is this a common thing in Japanese izakayas? To go out fishing and eating?? We dont have that in the usa and it spunds awesome!
    How do i join the next outing and may i ask for the name of your izakaya?

    • Hi Shar,
      Next time you are over in Japan and in Tokyo, I’ll give you directions (or take you there myself – it’s about 10 minutes walk from my house). A lot of older or more traditional bars or izakaya have outings or holidays where the regulars club together, not always fishing but trips to onsen, hiking or hanami. We also sometimes hire a yakatabune for the hanami season, which includes all-you-can-sing karaoke…

      • We do two fishing trips a year, one for whiting and one late in the year for haze. If one of them coincides with your next visit here of course you are welcome to join!

      • Oh man. I am soooo in!
        When is the next big holiday outing?? I would LOVE to join im gonna stop on my way to thailand just to experience this if im lucky enough and u let me!
        Im buying a small apartment in thailand so i will arrange for a coinciding date!
        I will bring ur izakaya buddys some special craft american beer if this pans out!!!

  2. Adam, it looks like you have as much luck as I do when it comes to splitting cheap chopsticks. 😀 I hope you answer shar’s questions, we definitely need this sort of lifestyle here in California. I wish I was out there.

    • Hi Joel,
      Your eagle eyes spotted the disaster of my chopsticks! It is always somehow harder to do the chopsticks after a few cans of Yebisu and a few cups of shochu under a Japanese summer sun…

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