New charcuterie project

In anticipation of the arrival of a distinguished friend from afar this Autumn I’ve started a new fermented sausage project: fuet, a variety of dried, fermented sausage from Catalunya.  It is stuffed in regular hog casings and not tied, so the workings of gravity give the sausage a taper from top to bottom, and their name (fuet means “whip” in Catalan).  The fermentation step is over and they are now drying happily in their chamber, though I am struggling with the heat and humidity of Japanese summer to keep the sausage within normal parameters.  We shall see how they turn out, but already the sausages smell well-fermented and look the part, and small colonies of good white mould have broken out on them already.  The recipe I used is a modification of that in the Marianski’s book.


2 responses to “New charcuterie project

  1. I’ve recently moved to Kyoto and am itching to get back into charcuterie-making, but I’m worried about the humidity too. Could you talk a bit about your fermenting/drying setup? And does it take up much room?

  2. My setup is described here:
    Drying is difficult now because it is 30oC, 80% humidity inside my house at the moment and no air conditioning in the room with the chamber in it.

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