Fuet sausage ready to eat

It turned out to be my best fermented sausage yet.


2 responses to “Fuet sausage ready to eat

  1. Hi Adam,

    Just a short note to say that I’m very thankful to have found this blog. A great resource!
    I’m a Canadian based in Tokyo since 2008. Both parents are Italian immigrants (to Canada). I put off plans to dabble in charcuterie for years, thinking that I would require a ‘cantina’. Some recent research yielded some creative projects utilising repurposed fridges and ‘wine cellars’ (as they are known in Japan). I’m just starting out at home and am setting up a curing chamber. Also doing some of the necessary reading…

    Would love to be in touch to chat about your projects–I’ve very much enjoyed reading about them!

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for posting and for your kind comments.
      I use one of those “wine cellars”. It can be set from anywhere between 4 and 50oC with no re-rigging its insides. The only modification was the rack inside needs to be shifted upwards (to hang meat from) to the top and this can be done in a few minutes with some screws or dowels and superglue.
      Now the season for charcuterie is coming up it is a great time to start if you are getting into it now.

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