Last of the Spanish mackerel

finally disposed of.   Chunks of the tail fillets were salted down and preserved in saikyo miso (large ziplock bag courtesy of Ikea).  To eat, these are cooked under a grill, turned once, till cooked through; they need no other seasoning or fripperies.  The fish can also be flaked and mixed with rice to make a particularly special onigiri.  When I next eat these I will take a photo of the cooked product.

The big pieces of back meat and end-cuttings from the sashimi were all thrown into a big fisherman’s pie.  The pie is simplicity itself: Bechemel sauce, parsley, tarragon, onions, white wine and a bit of Cheddar cheese over the fish then a thick layer of mashed potatoes goes on top, and the whole baked at 200°C till crisp.  This one was very popular with all eaters!


2 responses to “Last of the Spanish mackerel

  1. Saikyo miso is a new one for me. Always looking for interesting fish recipes like this, Adam. Looking forward to the next photos. Can almost taste this in onigiri. Thanks. JD

    • They get eaten up before I can take a photo! Saikyo miso is basically a local specialty miso from Kyoto. It is pale and quite sweet. The rest of the cured fillets are in the freezer, hopefully I can capture them when we get round to grilling them next time!

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