Angler’s perquisite


This time aji caught in Tokyo Bay.  The fish weren’t very big but plenty in the bag.   These are just fillets before they are breadcrumbed and deep-fried. The leftover fish will be split, salted and left out to dry overnight tonight.

Once fried these were consumed as quickly as possible, with just a squeeze of lemon and of course my “secret” tartar sauce.  There were no leftovers of either.


4 responses to “Angler’s perquisite

  1. Hi
    Looks great!
    Wonder how you debone them and when you dry the fish how is it served?

    • Hi Lance, aji for drying are just split down the middle and opened out. I’ve just posted a photo of what they look like, now that the drying process is complete. Fish are served whole, grilled. All the best, Adam

  2. Looks delicious. What are the best times of the year to catch Aji in Tokyo?

    • Hi Reid, Aji can be caught year-round in the Bay but gourmands claim autumn or winter is best as the fish are supposed to be fattest then (I’m not 100% convinced by this though). All the best, Adam

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