Hot and humid as Satan’s codpiece

It is 34°C+ and overcast, and rains most days: we are in the Japanese monsoon!  One of the very few pleasant aspects of this time of year is that it is ume plum season.  I’m lucky enough to have access to two plum trees so I get free plums every year. Though the yield varies year to year, they are completely chemical-free and are perfect for making umeboshi or umeshu (plum “wine”).

On about the last sunny day this month I washed and dried the plums – about 1.5kg, with quite a mix of ripeness.  I made two batches of umeshu, one with the very green, small plums and the other with the riper fruit.  Umeshu is in reality not wine but just fruit steeped in shochu distilled spirits with white rock sugar.  These will be ready to drink this time next year.


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