It’s that time of year again

Haze time!

Most of the fish were disposed of in the orthodox manner:

haze tenpura


4 responses to “It’s that time of year again

  1. hey, mate!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    from Canada.
    (Chris from The Bee’s Knees bar in Kobe)

    • Hi Chris! Thanks and Merry New Year/Christmas to you too! I guess you are drowning in maple syrup and poutine eh. I am not on Facebook anymore so thanks for getting in touch. Any plans to come back to sunny Japan? Adam

  2. Was -36C here one night recently.
    So, Japan really seems sunny now!
    Loads of poutine and country home cooking. even a little perch and bass fishing!
    drop me an email, bub. (a little less public)
    glad to see you still have the blog going. (got Tim to send me the web address)

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