Jurassic breakfast

Courtesy of Mr. S., a gift from Hokkaido!


7 responses to “Jurassic breakfast

  1. Hi Adam, I just wanted to thank you for all the useful info… I am just starting out making charcuterie (Ruhlman & Polcyn book arrived this week, can’t stop reading it) when I stumbled on your blog, and I started stocking up on the essentials as per your recommendations. Actually, given your Nissin and Hanamasa pointers I suspect we might be neighbours. Anyway, if I could pick your brains for a few tips it would be great, be either via email or in front of a pint/coffee. Cheers!

    • Hi Marco,
      Thank you for posting and good luck with your charcuterie projects! I would highly recommend buying the Marianski book as well if you are going to venture in to fermented sausage. Sorry for the late reply, Adam

      • Thank you, will give it a go! If you can divulge some of your secrets – where do you get the pig cheeks? Also from the rakuten store? A decent carbonara is pretty much on top of my list.

  2. Hi Marco, yes I bought the cheek meat from Rakuten, I think it was the store called 男の台所. The sell pig cheek at Hanamasa but most of the fat is trimmed off and they are very small. Adam

  3. Love the presentation… But, what is it?

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