Will there ever be enough sausage?

Odd question; there is never enough sausage.  Not a euphemism, of course.


3 responses to “Will there ever be enough sausage?

  1. Hi Adam. I continue to enjoy getting my vicarious hit of Japan through your cooking and angling adventures. Barbra and I are into the stages of serious planning for a two to three month bike tour of Hokkaido next summer (2018). Although there’s a lot of good information on the Internet, the one thing I can’t seem to find anything on is recreational sea angling up there. I fished enough in central Honshu to have a handle on things in that region… Are the species in Hokkaido pretty much the same? Is shore fishing productive, or are the fish deeper as you go north? Kisu, suzuki, kuro-dai, soi, mebaru, hirame, aji, ainamei? If you have any ideas or information, I’d be most appreciative…
    I’ve read quite a bit of encouraging material on lake and stream fishing in Hokkaido for char and trout. As our itinerary begins to take shape, I’ll let you know what we’re doing. Feel free to contact me at [ ].
    Spring has finally arrived here in the Chigiks, though there’s still snow on the ground (and a little in the air the past two days) and slushy ice continues to cover most of the lake. But the songbirds are returning and judging by the activity of gulls and eagles, salmon are beginning to enter the river.
    Hope your day is going well,

    • Hi Jack, Lucky you! Hokkaido will be great that time of year. I will reply in depth to you via e-mail when I have a bit more time. Although in general sport anglers tend to go there for freshwater fly fishing, there is plenty of sea fishing as well (for example, fishing for surume squid). Adam

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