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Ibaraki Squid Fishing

Headed out on the Yutaka-maru, sailing from Nakaminato, Ibaraki, for another good day’s fishing.


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great day out on the Yutaka-maru.


Sri Lankan squid curry

Saw off the last of my haul of Bleeker’s squid in a very Sri Lankan curry: coconut milk, huge chunks of garlic, lots of ground chilli, cardamom, cloves and curry leaves.  Perfect thing to scoff whilst watching Kumar Sangakkar’s recent Spirit of Cricket lecture at Lord’s and sweating in this terrible Tokyo heat.  Some lime pickle and a great mound of white rice helped it down, although sadly I did not have papar or a nice Sri Lankan banana – small, but the tastiest I have ever eaten – to complete proceedings.

Still eating squid

This time in a very Japanese-tasting pasta sauce, being flavoured with soy sauce, butter, white pepper and shiso leaves. 


Squid fishing in Ibaraki

Made the journey to Nakaminato for some unseasonal squid fishing.  Click through for the full story.

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Back from Nakaminato

Two new species added to the game list: Bleeker’s squid and the Japanese flying squid (the photo is a large specimen of the former).