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The haze glass!

I won it for coming 9th in a haze fishing competition.  It was made by special order by legendary Tokyo tackle store Sansui.  The glass soon saw action as I warmed up my frying oil for the starter…

Some of the survivors ended up in a gratin; others were grilled and then sun-dried: these will be used to make the stock for celebratory o-zoni soup on New Year’s Day morning.  It is so dry here in the Japanese winter these fish are completely dried out left outside overnight.  Then they go in a ziplock bag and into the freezer until the 1st Jan.



Goby time

Turned out nice again!

Some gobies were caught, killed and eaten.

Tenpura always crisps up nicer if you drain a bit of the oil on kitchen paper or if you are like me and not overly nice about things, old newspaper.  I try not to apply the batter too thick.  This evening we had a last-minute guest, and she  exclaimed at how good haze tenpura is (I suspect she has never eaten real Japanese mahaze before) and how the fish fillets rolled up in the hot oil.   This is a sign of quality not poor frying technique: it means the fish has never been frozen or overly-chilled.  Of course in this case the poor buggers were whizzing about in a bucket until about three hours previously.


from Kazusa-Minato.  Thanks as always to Kaheimaru!


Caught some tanago

On Teganuma today.

It was very cold and windy out today but at least the sun was shining.  The fish put up a fairly good show.

If you are not careful, some of the local residents may sneak up on you and attempt to eat your catch whilst your attention is devoted to the fishing!


Many thanks to Mr. I. as always for the great fishing on Lake Teganuma.

Tanago fishing

Nice to catch some monsters on Teganuma!


Thanks as always to Mr. I., Mr. Redfeather, and especially Mr. A. for the gold hook!

Teganuma Fishing Trip


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Tanago fishing

Good day out on the water today at Teganuma.