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Kyushu Trip 3

The final part of my Kyushu adventure…the eating of the catch.  I must thank Nigel for letting me use his kitchen and for doing all the washing up. 

  Itoyori (rear) and madai (front) sashimi.  It is very unusual to be able to eat itoyori as sashimi (I have never once seen it on offer at a restaurant here) so it is a fisherman’s luxury.  The madai was of course, quite excellent; incomparable to the slimey farmed rubbish that you get in supermarkets and most restaurants.

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Kyushu Trip 2

We set off from my hotel at 4:45am towards Imari.  Sadly a sudden weather front meant we couldn’t head out far offshore to our original destination (Iki) so instead the plan was to head to Hirado Island, which is actually part of Nagasaki Prefecture.  The port we headed to was Nabegushi, on Fukushima Island.  Visitors to Fukushima Island are greeted by a giant kuruma prawn (a local specialty).  Not to be confused with Fukushima Prefecture in the north of Japan.

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Kyushu Trip 1

Last weekend I made the trip to Fukuoka. I have never been to Kyushu before, so it was exciting to visit a part of Japan new to me. Although I often travel and fish alone, this time I would be meeting up with long-term Fukuoka resident, jigging expert, Tsurishop Japan owner and all-round nice guy Mr. Nigel Paquin. We met via Fishing Japan, his website for English-speaking sport fishermen based here in Japan. I jumped at the chance to go fishing in Kyushu and indulge some of the local specialties at the same time.

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