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Miyakojima Island Traditional Fishing

One interesting thing I find about fishing Japan is discovering local traditional fishing techniques, and having a go for oneself. In my limited experience, most non-Japanese anglers one meets over here tend to go for fly or lure fishing using modern equipment to chase big game like tuna, yellowtail, mahi mahi, sea bass and the like, and not for the more traditional Japanese fishing. With so many different biotopes and varying local conditions – along with the Japanese penchant for eating almost anything from the sea – many specialised fishing techniques have developed over the ages, and often these are restricted to very specific regions. On Miyakojima island, fishermen use a technique called ishimaki-otoshi (lit. ‘wrapped stone drop’) which is well suited to catching large fish from the nooks and crannies that comprise the coral sea floor around the island. No special equipment is required other than a coil of good strong nylon line, a nice big fish hook and some bait fish.  And some stones…

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