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Goodbye octopuses

Last of the octopus meat was despatched in a highly traditional Japanese curry.

For some reason this year my winter has been somewhat cephalopodic, something that will be rectified next week with some more orthodox fishing.


Somewhat ejaculatory

Thank you Captain Yutaka!

Happy St. Leonard’s Day

There were no Morris dancers, eunuchs or bearded Ladies unfortunately but plenty to eat…

Among the cornucopia of octopus, the standouts tonight were homemade takoyaki:

…and takomeshi (octopus rice):

As Paul Harrell might say, they were not bad at all.

Guess where I’ve been!

My favourite fishing vessel on the Pacific Ocean!  Thank you to Captain Yutaka for the great day on the water!

She Rises! (and a few other octopus-related photos)

The tako-ojisan makes an appearance (I’m wearing a mask because of a cough and I am preparing food for all the family, not because I am some germ-obsessed lunatic).  Here the octopus have been de-slimed (using Captain Yutaka’s secret method) and are ready for eating/cooking…

Somewhat inevitably, the takoyaki machine was wheeled out.

Dessert was takomeshi (one-pot octopus and rice) made conveniently in the rice cooker:

My memory after these dishes becomes a little patchy, but the octopus was delicious and it is all thanks to Captain Yutaka of Yutakamaru, sailing from Nakaminato Harbour, Ibaraki!

Just another dawn at sea

The sea it was a-boiling!

It’s tako time!

Just another sawara dish

This time kobujime, where the fish is salted down and pressed between two leaves of konbu kelp overnight.  It is particularly delicious when eaten with chopped up umeboshi plums, even more so if you made the plums yourself.  Usually this dish is made with white fish such as hirame or shirogisu or haze, but I had all the ingredients ready (in anticipation of catching a hirame, which I didn’t in the end) and it comes out just as good with an oily fish like Spanish mackerel.