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Serious charcuterie

…from Sardigna!  Thank you very much regular blog visitor Mr. VS (the kindness of various readers of my blog is amazing…thank you all).  About half the fermented sausage was already consumed by the time I remembered to take a photo….



Eating Florence, Italy

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Hare sauce pasta

One of the various eatables I brought back from Tuscany.  It sounds a bit nicer in the Italiano – and there is a helpful photograph on the label just in case.  The ragu was rich, winey and well-spiced, and exactly as it says on the tin, it is pronto all’uso: stirred about with some papardelle (also from Tuscany) it was a perfect lunch.  It is amazing to think that serious Tuscan diners would consider this only an amusement, with a main course to follow; but then again I shall write more in the future about the beast known as bistecca alla Fiorentine.

The day I arrived back in Tokyo, Fishing Cat was suitably unimpressed with my return:

Michelangelo’s Trout

Many thanks to my ghillie for the day, Sig. Luca Castellani, who also took this video of my first brown trout (the fish in the previous post) on the River Tevere tail water.

Back from Italy