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I hope you like Iwana

This fish was a specialty of the region we visited.

 Grilled iwana.

 Crispy deep-fried iwana.

 Iwana sashimi.

 Iwana sake.

First time fly fishing

Well after wanting to get into fly fishing for a while now, regular reader of this blog Clive very kindly took the time to show me the ropes at a pay-and-play stocked pond in Ibaragi, which was quite good fun despite the rain.  Being so different from the kind of fishing I am used to the casting was certainly a learning experience, but the way the fish take the fly and the technique needed to hook them was really quite exciting and engrossing, and when the fish is on and running about, it is actually quite thrilling.  And on the few occasions I got a nice cast in, it was aesthetically very pleasing as well.  I would love to have snagged a real beast, but being my first time I could hardly complain with a cooler full of pretty plump rainbow trout and also one native char, known as iwana, at the end of the day.

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