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More Sunday haze fishing

This time on the Kanagawa shore of the Bay.  The weather was good; so good in fact that despite two applications of sunscreen my nose and forehead ended up lobster-red, quite a feat for late November fishing.  This did not stop me enjoying a few ice-cold Yebisu beers throughout the day though.

I released about a dozen smaller fish, but there was still plenty in the bag for the neighbours, and a colleague at work who had placed a slightly oblique request for some of the fillets.  Somewhat embarrassingly, I also won a prize for my catch.  My haze rod continues to give good service, though I think I shall make another one, slightly longer this time.  I’ve a whiting rod project in the making also so it will be no great effort to add to it, and I think I will attempt another batch of tanago rods.

Many thanks to Mr. O. as always!


Sagami Bay Hirame Fishing

Concluded my first fishing trip of the new year with a catch of hirame (bastard halibut; Linnaeus’ Paralichthys olivaceus), a traditional winter sport fish here in Japan.  Click through for the full story.


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fishing trip of the year; first hirame (bastard halibut) caught on Sagami Bay!


Many thanks to Noboru-maru, sailing from Nagai, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Croakers, cooked every way

before my business trip I managed to get in a sea fishing trip with colleagues from work.  One particular boat we sometimes charter has a tie-up with the local onsen, where you fish till 2:30pm and then head back to port; on reaching moorings the onsen has a coach waiting to carry you to the inn, and you hand over all your catch to the owners and then jump in the baths.  Whilst you are having a dip in the hot spring waters the inn chefs whip up a meal with your fish, and when you emerge refreshed and pink from the baths your dinner arrives, usually a great many courses, and your first nama beer is free (invariably a greater number is consumed)!

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Sagami Bay Hirame Fishing

Something of a dismal-Jemmy day at sea today, overcast and windy but with a spring tide the fish were in the mood.  I had one very good fish on which put up a terrible fight; unfortunately with just a few fathoms left to reel in before bringing the fish to the surface, the hirame bit clean through my leader; the ones that get away are always the biggest, eh.  However, I did snag a young yellowtail early in the morning to make sure my cool-box wasn’t just filled with ice alone.