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From the smokehouse

or at least, the Raj or Sirkar smokehouse, via Japan: smoked aji kedgeree.  The fish were caught last week but because of the bad weather, I was only able to smoke them this weekend; this time over a mixture of beechwood and sakura.

Ingredients laid out and waiting for the rice to be done: boiled eggs, thin-sliced ginger and smoked fish.

The kedgeree mixed through and through and ready to be devoured.  Kedgeree is greatly improved when served with fried eggs, a dal curry, Welsh rarebit or sausages, but this time I made do with white toast and a can of beer.


Smoked aji

I smoked the remaining aji over sakura wood chips.  I think I am becoming more proficient at calculating cure concentration, and curing and smoking times, and the fish came out very well (my last batch were under-cured and over-smoked).  Also I think I have settled on sakura for smoking this kind of oily fish as it is quite sweet and not too overpowering. 

For me, smoked fish means one thing: kedgeree.  This time, I did not have Indian rice at home so I had to make do with the rather sticky Japanese version.  It is a very simple recipe, as the rice and lentils go into the rice cooker and all that is left is to grill and shred a smoked fish and cut the accoutrements, boiled egg, raw green chilli and ginger.

Once the rice/lentil mix is done, it is ready to eat.  Sadly I do not have a chafing-pan, but the rice was indeed “baled down the throat with a spoon”.


made with the trout I smoked.  According to the writings of one Company factor in Calcutta, this is a breakfast dish ‘consisting of a little butter, two or three green chillies, a pyramid of boiled rice, a ditto egg, and a pound of dried fish, with salt and Cayenne at discretion, all mashed up on a hot water plate and baled down the throat with a spoon’.  As a homage perhaps to its very obvious and very Indian parent dish, khichri, I added lentils, turmeric, slivers of ginger and mustard seeds, and rather a few more than two or three chillies.  It came out very well, so much so that it was finished in two sittings.  I need to catch some more trout for smoking, although I think the sea-fish aji would answer pretty well also.