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Helping keep hovercraft clean everywhere

Sign of spring!

Jurassic breakfast

Courtesy of Mr. S., a gift from Hokkaido!

Ring of Fire

Usually I go herabuna fishing on my birthday (an outdated celebration for someone my age – merely a year closer to my own demise), but three consecutive typhoons hitting Japan put paid to any angling plans.  Instead I celebrated by burning some assorted shellfish to death and eating them; washed down with copious amounts of shochu native firewater.  So it goes.

Happy (belated) Eel Day!

This year Eel Day coincided with the Sumidagawa Fireworks festival.  We still ate eel.

My favourite sport fishing vessel of all time

Who else, of course!

Also a welcome (and rare, these days) guest…

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  Very busy (not in a bad way) and also made it to Hokkaido for the holidays.  Will try to post more soon.

Yokosuka fishing

There’s all sorts on this part of the Bay…


We should be together with our loved ones tonight to reflect and remember everything we should be grateful for on this special day: the day Sir John Jervis defeated the Spanish Mediterranean fleet.