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Another catch!

This one from Hachijojima.

People are so nice to me!   Thank you Mr. K!


For the New Year

Demon-slaying arrow (with bells on): check.

Magical protective amulet for the car: check.  All set for 2019, then!

PS Obviously no amount of magic is a substitute for safe driving and responsible behaviour.  But of course you knew that.

Happy New Year 謹賀新年

I spent most of New Year’s Day eating, somewhat predictably.

Thank you Mr. Casull

The M1 Garand may have been the finest battle implement ever devised, but the .454 Casull must be one of the most absurd handgun bullets ever, at least to those of us who face no risk of being eaten by a bear, polar or otherwise.  Six shots was enough for me, and I managed to get all six 8, 9 or bull on the paper without hurting myself or anyone else.  Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

however you celebrate!  And here’s to big catches and calm seas for all anglers in 2019…

I myself spent Christmas fighting the war on type 2 diabetes, one can of cola drink at a time.

Catch of the day

Many thanks, Mr. U!


Latest craze

Cold-smoked salmon.  It is cold enough now at night to cold-smoke fish on my Weber with no special equipment.  This batch was made with Costco salmon, maple syrup-cure (also Costco), onigurumi (Japanese walnut, from Amazon) smoke.  This was my best batch yet.  Whilst I would never be able to slice at the counter of Russ & Daughters, I have done enough salmon now that I can slice the smoked fillet thin enough to be respectable: