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Playing Californians

Did a Tri-tip on the Weber, with lots of sakura smoke; it came out okay.  This is the thin end.


Fire in the hole!

My local hanabi festival.  Usually fireworks are a summer thing, but here they are done in autumn, after what happened last year.

New York

So long and thanks for all the fish!

But please, please do something to improve the drink you call kwor-fee

Where all roads lead

for me, at least.

What’s wrong with Broadway, Brain?

Back from New York.  Of course I went to that place.  And others.  Check back for more details later please.


Cheap beef intestines for me…

And for my guests, wagyu on a stick!

Apparently it was quite good!

It ain’t half hot, Mum

Or, I love chillies and spicy things (I used to grow my own jolokias).  Hot things from Kyoto, omiyage from the memsahib: “most hot” ground chillies from the famous Kyoto chilli-purveyors Hararyokaku, and yee-haw hot sauce made from Kyoto-grown habaneros, by the first people to commercially grow habs in Japan.