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Another catch!

This one from Hachijojima.

People are so nice to me!   Thank you Mr. K!


eat your fair share of wieners, Mr Burns

Now that my physiology has somewhat recovered from Guam (buffets, fried food and beer every single day, essentially) I thought I would celebrate this by making some sausage.  To be precise, Ruhlman & Polcyn recipe all-beef hotdogs.  The recipe is simple, a healthy 1:1 ratio of beef to beef fat, seasoned with paprika, coriander seed, mustard powder and (probably too much) fresh garlic in a natural hog casing and hot-smoked on the Weber.  The result is not bad!

Happy New Year 謹賀新年

I spent most of New Year’s Day eating, somewhat predictably.

It was not bad

The brisket!  Sakura wood smoke, 14 hours on the Weber.

The American Dream begins…

…with brisket!

Catch of the day

Many thanks, Mr. U!


It’s that time of the season, again

How time flies…Applewood, sakura and oak chips!