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Still eating naem sausage

This time with sliced onion, Thai red chilli and a shake of nam pla on top.  Yebisu beer on the side to moderate the chilli heat.


Thai naem sausage

I refrigerated the sausage for a few hours to make it easier to cut, and here’s the moment of truth…

The sausage insides came out looking just like the ones I have eaten in Thailand!  Mine came out a little less salty, a little less chilli-hot (the real ones blurred my vision when I ate them) but still packing a fairly hefty capsaicin punch and the texture and sour taste is just like how I remember.  I am very happy with how these sausages came out (and with further proof of the quality of the Marianski recipes).  Anyway, after sampling a few slices I decided to make naem sausage cooked with egg and it came out very nicely, with extra red chillies on top.  I used Vatch’s recipe which hilariously calls for more garlic, which I was glad to use, but unfortunately Ihad to make do without peanuts as there were none in my kitchen.  Still, the dish came out very nicely and I only just remembered to take a photo before wolfing it all down.

Thai sausage: fermentation complete

After 48 hours of fermentation (and some remarks passed about the garlic smell pervading my home – this recipe calls for 100g of raw garlic) I tested the pH of my Thai sausage and it came to well under 5.0, so I stopped the ferment and the sausages are now drying happily in my chamber.  In their native heath the sausage would be eaten now, either as it is or crumbled into a some kind of cooked dish.  I prefer mine a little drier so I will give them a few days.  Whether this sausage will compare to the ones in Bangkok in 2012 remains to be seen!

Thai sausage

Not a euphemism, but a fermented sausage made from lean pork, pig skin, cooked sticky rice, raw garlic and bird’s eye chillies.  I made these according to the recipe in the Marianski book.  They are stuffed into protein-lined fibrous (i.e., synthetic) casings and are currently fermenting away at 30°C.  I’ll check the pH tomorrow when they should be done.  Looking at the close-up photo you can probably spot the pig rind and also flecks of the extra-hot raw chillies inside.  This sausage can be eaten as-is or used for cooking into various traditional Thai dishes.


Fishing Bangkok

Made the trip to the Land of Smiles, viz., the Kingdom of Thailand, more specifically to Bungsamran fishing park in Bangkok, for two days of fishing for the famous Mekong Giant Catfish.  It was a fantastic trip, click through for the full story.

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Back from Thailand

More to come later…