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It was okay

Plentiful shirogisu (Japanese whiting) sashimi.  NB: I didn’t make it, the onsen did!  And thank you Mr. K. for taking the photo!


Not much going on

since it is a busy time of year here, but I managed to find time to go fishing on Sunday!  There was no Jonah/厄病神 on board, which meant there wasn’t a breath of wind, it was warm but not hot, the sea was calm and the fish gave sport all day long.  And we finished the day in Tokyo onsen!

Summertime fishing for kisu (Japanese whiting)

Oh wait!

Nice day out on Tokyo Bay

Summertime fishing

Fishing for kisu (Japanese whiting).  Oh wait!


In the end I gave most of my catch to a friend and kept just enough for my own consumption.  These were stored in my new shiny arctic-cold cool box and disposed of at home as tenpura and kobujime.


Thanks as always to Esamasa-maru, sailing from Haneda!

Autumn goby/haze fishing

oh wait!

My favourite sport fishing vessel of all time

Who else, of course!

Also a welcome (and rare, these days) guest…

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  Very busy (not in a bad way) and also made it to Hokkaido for the holidays.  Will try to post more soon.

Spring fishing

Wind-gall at morn; fine weather all gone…