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Summertime fishing for kisu (Japanese whiting)

Oh wait!


Nice day out on Tokyo Bay

Summertime fishing

Fishing for kisu (Japanese whiting).  Oh wait!


In the end I gave most of my catch to a friend and kept just enough for my own consumption.  These were stored in my new shiny arctic-cold cool box and disposed of at home as tenpura and kobujime.


Thanks as always to Esamasa-maru, sailing from Haneda!

Autumn goby/haze fishing

oh wait!

My favourite sport fishing vessel of all time

Who else, of course!

Also a welcome (and rare, these days) guest…

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  Very busy (not in a bad way) and also made it to Hokkaido for the holidays.  Will try to post more soon.

Spring fishing

Wind-gall at morn; fine weather all gone…

Random photos


The kobujime from my last fishing trip.  It was delicious as always, and never seems to last more than one day once it is ready.


Then two kinds of dried fish: where the whiting fillets are cured and flavoured with either sake rice wine (above) or dusted with ground, dried nori seaweed (below) and set to dry out on my balcony.  In mid-winter these are done in about 12 hours, the air is so dry here.  I took most of these to my local izakaya where the boss grilled them over charcoal, which always seems to make them taste better.

Although I went out fishing in mid-January, on the day the weather was strange: hazy, humid and feeling like Spring. Amid the unholy murk of the early morning I spotted an old friend: the Kaiwomaru II, a four-masted barque that is used as a training vessel for the maritime university in south Tokyo and to my knowledge the only tall ship permanently based in Tokyo Bay.

Mt. Fuji is usually dusted completely white with snow this time of year and looked very odd with so little white and the haze all around it; the deckhand went to great lengths to point this out to me, and other various bad omens, and we shook our heads and pondered on the sad, degenerate times we live in.

Angler’s perquisite

Just a few whiting fillets for the angler’s kitchen…