I hope you like clamming too

dug from the Chiba shore, during the new moon spring tide last weekend.


Glorious First of June pork rillettes

What better way to celebrate than with a French recipe comprised of economical parts of pork boiled to death and smashed into a paste?  I am sure the authentic dish comes in a fancy crock, artistically photographed with strategically placed rustic bread or dried herbs and some kind of artesan chopping board.  Mine comes in plastic tupperware from a 100-yen shop.  Properly cured and fat-sealed, rillettes should technically last several weeks or longer; for some reason in my house they only survive about two days!

First batch of the year

Would you like to see my plums, Madam?  I finally got round to studying how to prune and look after Japanese ume plum trees.  Indeed there is a Japanese proverb: only an idiot cuts a sakura tree, and only an idiot does not cut an ume tree.  Such work starts in winter and seemed to have immediate benefits, rewarding me with a bumper crop this year.  This is this year’s first batch of ume syrup, a non-alcoholic, very sugary extract of the fruits.

Golden Week pole dancing

in Gunma

I doubt I could reach his undergarments to stick cash in them.

Finally got the Weber out again

Southern proverb: if you boil/steam your ribs, the terrorists have won.  These guys came from Aichi’s finest Western meat supplier; done in a little under 4 hours on the Weber, with sakura wood smoke.

It was okay

Plentiful shirogisu (Japanese whiting) sashimi.  NB: I didn’t make it, the onsen did!  And thank you Mr. K. for taking the photo!

Not much going on

since it is a busy time of year here, but I managed to find time to go fishing on Sunday!  There was no Jonah/厄病神 on board, which meant there wasn’t a breath of wind, it was warm but not hot, the sea was calm and the fish gave sport all day long.  And we finished the day in Tokyo onsen!