Last of the

Trafalgar Day cured ox tongue has finally been eaten: cold, in a sandwich with lots of mustard.  The different parts of the tongue have slightly different attributes and textures, but all come with lots of delicious jelly.

cured tongue

I was also amazed and delighted to discover Trafalgar Day is also Day of the Nacho.


Turned out nice again

Trafalgar Day Ox Tongue

in the pickling crock.  Sorry for the lateness and lack of recent posts.

Playing Spaniards

Home-made paella, ready to eat.  Bad weather on and off these last few weeks has meant not much fishing for me, but at least I am eating well.

Fuet sausage ready to eat

It turned out to be my best fermented sausage yet.

More fuet

Fuet sausages, after nearly two weeks of drying.  These should be ready to eat in another fortnight or so.  I was expecting more Bactoferm-600 growth, but the culture in my freezer was old (way past the use-by date) and I did a complete antiseptic clear-out of the chamber during the last monsoon, perhaps removing the long-term resident 600 mould spores.  Before that, any sausage or cured meat would mould up almost immediately without me inoculating them at all.

Fuet progress

After 10 days of drying: the sausage is appreciably thinner, with pieces of fat standing proud in the casing, and small colonies of Bactoferm-600 mould (good mould) have sprung up too.  Current conditions inside the chamber are 70% relative humidity, temperature 14±0.5°C, moderate airflow speed.  Sorry for the poor quality image but it is dark inside both the room and the chamber itself.