Some more screenshot tasters…

from my upcoming YouTube channel.  Most footage so far has been food, rather predictably…I’m still working out a good setup for taking videos whilst fishing.

and another (I’d been octopus fishing in Ibaraki)…

And now for something completely different.

First of all, a (very belated) Happy New Year to you, readers of my blog, new or returning.  My first fishing trip of the new year was an excellent sortie to Nakaminato to see Captain Yutaka, and as always I had a great time, including snagging the largest tachiuo of my life with literally the last cast of the day.  So if you are fishing, tight lines and calm seas, and if you are hunting, shoot safe and shoot straight!  I hope your 2020 will be your best ever on the water or the field.

Next, very sorry for the extended break from posting, but various circumstances have conspired to make me think about things these last few months (including my first genuine near-death experience, very tiresome that was).  In short, my Compleat Tsuribito blog is going to be abandoned – but before you heave a collective sigh of relief, it will be replaced with a new venture of mine, my coming YouTube channel. This will combine my fishing, rod making, cooking, travel and drinking activities with my latest pursuit, which is obtaining my shotgun permit and hunting license here in Japan.  Here are some screenshots of some of the footage I have taken so far, but it will only be a taster: I am aiming to launch in October this year.  Until then I will obviously post progress updates here but probably no real new content, so you will just have to wait till then (or rather, remember that I am still alive).  I hope you will look forward to it as much as I do!

It’s going to be one

of those weekends, I suspect.  Image courtesy of the Japan Met. office.

Sorry for the radio silence

Sorry for the lack of posts but recently I nearly died.  I won’t bore you with the details other than it was a touch of anaphylaxis, cause unknown (idiopathic, they call it) and it won me a brief stay in the hospital.  The bad news for you all is that I’m going to live…

Back from Niigata

didn’t make it to Sado this time unfortunately, but will definitely try to next time.  In Niigata city I found a very nice izakaya run by a fellow angler.  And they had Hoppy!

Hot-smoked venison sausage

These were made according to the Ruhlman & Polcyn recipe.  Ends ended up a little overdone but otherwise the sausage came out well.  They have a lot of flavour so go well when added to stews, baked pasta or tomato-based sauces. The venison was from a deer shot in Nagano, and from the front leg.

I think I need a smoker converter attachment for my Weber to increase load size.  Any recommendations?  Smoke EZ no longer seems to be made, so I may have to go for a Cajun Bandit kit.

Saved by Fukuoka!

My bumper ume crop continues this year.  So much so I had to make an extra batch of umeboshi (there is only so much ume syrup and umeshu I can make in one season).  However, after the umezu had risen I found it was too late in the year for my local supermarket to stock red shiso leaves.  These guys at Rakuten sorted me out!  Ready-rubbed red-shiso leaves for umeboshi making!

What a rich colour after just one week…