It’s March already!

Sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve been busy with a big house move. Somewhat predictably, my last fishing trip in Kanto was aboard the Yutaka-maru, and the captain as always was able to put me onto some amazing fish (and octopodes)! So wherever you are, let’s hope 2021 turns out better than last year! Wishing you all calm winds offshore, catches galore, and beauty ashore!

(PS you can catch up on more food- and cooking-related stuff on my Instagram (@mermanoutdoors) and I hope very soon to start posting new videos on my YouTube channel as I have a backlog of three videos to edit and upload).

Last video for 2020 online now!

Thank you for your support for my new YouTube channel, and let’s hope for all of us 2021 turns out a bit better than this year! よいお年を!

My izakaya video is now online!

Merman Outdoors Facebook Page

You can get updates on my latest channel activity, see some random photos and also video footage that didn’t make it into the final cut of my YouTube videos.

Merman Outdoors Official Trailer now online!

Update on Merman Outdoors YouTube channel

Funny how these things always seem to pile up on each other. After 16 years in Tokyo, I will be moving to Kansai to take up a new job starting March next year. I’ve got a ton of admin and paperwork, loose ends at work here to tie up, house move, school move, essentially to a place I know nothing about beyond a few short trips as a tourist over the years. So…until my real-world life has settled down a bit my YouTube channel will have to be something of a long-term project. I sincerely hope to complete the trailer soon though! There will be fishing, rod-making, cooking, shooting, snake wine, sake cups made from squid, fugu sperm ampullae, and other things, I promise…

In the meantime, for updates on my channel progress please follow me on Instagram (@mermanoutdoors) and/or subscribe to this blog please! Thank you for your patience, and I am so grateful for the support of so many valued readers over the years. If you are out hunting, shoot safe & shoot straight, and if you are fishing, calm winds & tight lines to you all!

Merman Outdoors Official Trailer

I’m working on it, I promise!

T minus 16 days till YouTube channel launch

From the 21st October (sorry for the delay, some stuff in the grown-up/real world has come up that I need to take care of first) 5th November I will moving this blog to and I will also have a dedicated Facebook page. I am already on Instagram if you wish to follow my work there. 2020 turned out to be a bit a poor choice to start an outdoors-themed channel so most of my content so far is…cooking, with a modicum of fishing. In the new year I hope to get out on the water a lot more, and also re-start my Japanese rod making which I think is something a lot of people will be interested in (given that there are plenty of angling and cooking channels out there already).

Now comes the cap-in-hand part: my YouTube channel can only grow with your support, so if you would like to do me a favour (and it will cost you nothing!) please subscribe to my channel! Thank you in advance!

Second cutlassfish video online: Tackle talk!


New Video: aji sashimi

Angler’s perquisite: aji sashimi video now online at Merman Outdoors!  I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you as always for supporting my nascent YouTube channel!  If you haven’t already, please share with your friends, comment, like, subscribe…