New York

So long and thanks for all the fish!

But please, please do something to improve the drink you call kwor-fee


Lower East Side pilgrimage

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Where all roads lead

for me, at least.

What’s wrong with Broadway, Brain?

Back from New York.  Of course I went to that place.  And others.  Check back for more details later please.


Cheap beef intestines for me…

And for my guests, wagyu on a stick!

Apparently it was quite good!

It ain’t half hot, Mum

Or, I love chillies and spicy things (I used to grow my own jolokias).  Hot things from Kyoto, omiyage from the memsahib: “most hot” ground chillies from the famous Kyoto chilli-purveyors Hararyokaku, and yee-haw hot sauce made from Kyoto-grown habaneros, by the first people to commercially grow habs in Japan.

Paint it black

Home-cured, home-cooked pastrami and pork butt on the Weber.  Some of the memsahib’s friends must have got wind of the pastrami and invited themselves round, so I put on the emergency chunk of pork shoulder to make that most economical, useful dish pulled pork. Perhaps I was a Texian in a previous life.  This was my first attempt at making pastrami.  The proof of course is in the eating…

As Paul Harrell would say, it was “not bad at all”.  I don’t think I have ever eaten pastrami that had as much flavour as this.  It wasn’t as tender as the commercial stuff I have had before, since I didn’t do a steaming/boiling step.  I wanted to keep the bark nice and crisp (and leave less washing up to do) but I did add an extra pot of boiling water inside the Weber for the last few hours.

On a related note, I’ll be eating the real thing (and other tasty Jewish eats) later this year…but that will be for a later post!