It was okay

Plentiful shirogisu (Japanese whiting) sashimi.  NB: I didn’t make it, the onsen did!  And thank you Mr. K. for taking the photo!


Not much going on

since it is a busy time of year here, but I managed to find time to go fishing on Sunday!  There was no Jonah/厄病神 on board, which meant there wasn’t a breath of wind, it was warm but not hot, the sea was calm and the fish gave sport all day long.  And we finished the day in Tokyo onsen!

Going all Ariana Grande

here in Tokyo.

So long and thanks for all the fish

and everything else.

Another catch!

This one from Hachijojima.

People are so nice to me!   Thank you Mr. K!

eat your fair share of wieners, Mr Burns

Now that my physiology has somewhat recovered from Guam (buffets, fried food and beer every single day, essentially) I thought I would celebrate this by making some sausage.  To be precise, Ruhlman & Polcyn recipe all-beef hotdogs.  The recipe is simple, a healthy 1:1 ratio of beef to beef fat, seasoned with paprika, coriander seed, mustard powder and (probably too much) fresh garlic in a natural hog casing and hot-smoked on the Weber.  The result is not bad!

Winchester Model 70

The “rifleman’s rifle”, in .30-06 Springfield.  A man-sized rifle throwing a man-sized bullet!  It was a delight to shoot.  If I ever get my rifle license here in Japan (this requires 10 years of shotgun ownership – more on this later) this would be my first choice, though the CZ550 FS in 6.5mm Swedish would come very close…

I’m not a drooling gun nut, honest!  Thank you Steve-san for the great day’s shooting, on the beautiful island of Guam!