Octopus video now online!

Watch it now!

Coming soon to Merman Outdoors Youtube channel

I’ve got an octopus vid and a fugu vid currently in the making.  They include both fishing and cooking, and should be ready to be published online I think sometime in early August.  Here’s a couple of stills for you…

For all my blog readers who have watched or subscribed to my fledgling YouTube channel: thank you for your support!  I hope to get things moving a bit more seriously once all this coronavirus business has settled down a bit. In the meantime, I do hope you are staying safe wherever you are, and thank you again for your time and support!

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Toyosu Market video now online!


Toyosu Wholesale Market

Had a really fun morning shopping and filming in Toyosu today.  I bought a new sashimi knife (NOT the blade I am wielding here!) and met some local market traders, all of whom were incredibly kind to me.  I have a huge amount of footage to edit and hopefully I can put together a video to do my trip, and my hosts, justice.  In particular, I have to thank Mr. F. Nagatani and Tsukiji Masamoto for all their kindness.  The boss carving my name into the blade I purchased with just a cold chisel, was amazing!

If you are a regular reader of this blog and haven’t yet subscribed to my new YouTube channel please do, and if you have already, thank you for your support!  This new video should be online by the end of the week.

Just a brief taster…

Of my YouTube channel.  I uploaded a couple of vids as a test, and to get my channel onto YouTube search algorithms (the channel wasn’t listed unless I had at least one video online).  The official channel launch is set for October 21st, when I should have some nice fishing, rod making and izakaya videos made by then  Any and all support of my channel by views and subscriptions is most appreciated, thank you in advance!


And more

from my soon-to-be channel!  This time I caught a very inky cuttlefish…

Flying fugu!

Make sure you have your fishing sunglasses on.

Channel Art

I think my mind’s made up.

Coming soon, coming soon