Spring fishing

Wind-gall at morn; fine weather all gone…

Fresh squid

Not the freshest possible, but fresh enough that the parasites inside the squid are still alive…

Despite their best efforts to hide this was only going to end one way, the parasites were dealt with and the squid was gutted, skinned, opened out and set to dry on my balcony.  This is all part of my annual ritual of making shiokara, and this year’s batch should be ready in about a week or so.

Leap Year aji

Split, cured in brine and set to dry overnight; this photo shows them ready at about 7am the morning after fishing.  These are a staple of Japanese cuisine and many a bleary-eyed foreign guest staying at a traditional ryokan has been startled by being served these for breakfast.  They want just a little grilling under the fire till the flesh is cooked through and the skin side is crispy.  The photo below shows what they look like skin side-up just after they come out of the brine.

Angler’s perquisite


This time aji caught in Tokyo Bay.  The fish weren’t very big but plenty in the bag.   These are just fillets before they are breadcrumbed and deep-fried. The leftover fish will be split, salted and left out to dry overnight tonight.

Once fried these were consumed as quickly as possible, with just a squeeze of lemon and of course my “secret” tartar sauce.  There were no leftovers of either.

Yokosuka fishing

There’s all sorts on this part of the Bay…


We should be together with our loved ones tonight to reflect and remember everything we should be grateful for on this special day: the day Sir John Jervis defeated the Spanish Mediterranean fleet.

Four eyes

I can see you!  Old photo I recovered from my broken-down PC and came across last night: of a tongue parasite in his element i.e., the tongue of an aji fish.  I used to take photos of these whenever I found them, usually to horrify various friends around the world.  One of these photos may or may not be in an American horror film (for which the producers paid me for the rights to the image, very nice of them).