Bone-in Dried Shirogisu

Since I can’t go fishing whilst my glims are healing, the skipper at my local boathouse took pity one me and rather kindly handed me some of his catch last weekend, to amuse myself with.  I made the simplest of simple preparations, dried shirogisu (whiting) with the bone left in.  Of course it being rather rainy and humid, I couldn’t dry these out as usual on my balcony so they went into the fridge; this method is just as good but it takes longer for the fish to dry out.



5 responses to “Bone-in Dried Shirogisu

  1. hey mate,
    how are your peepers?
    just landed back on the island. long journey.

  2. Hi Chris,
    The gimlets are healing fine, I had a 1-week post-op checkup and apparently my corneal flaps have healed into place nicely, so I no longer need antibiotic or steroid eyedrops and I can take a bath and wash normally now (thankfully!).
    Still no booze or fishing till the 21st of this month, but I can start rod making again, I’m going to tomorrow.
    Hope you recover from jetlag soon and you are back in Japan just in time for tasty anago and katsuo!

  3. That is good news. I guess it puts the kibosh on your fishing plans for June, then!

    The Jet lag never usually affects me, but this trip was a different itinerary than I am used too, plus I was traveling with the wife and only slept 2 hours over 24 hours and 30 minutes of transit.
    Did manage to get in 5 films on the long flight tho.
    Anyhow, are you sure about being an XL? I’ll drop your shirt in the post this week. An XL is a pretty big shirt to fill. I could use one for a tent!

    enjoy the new headlights

  4. Hi Chris, that’s right, no fishing till the 21st. That’ll make it no fishing for 5 weeks…a long time for me!
    My Fishing Fury shirt and all the stuff I buy from Tilley is XL (or should I say TG?). Usually L is just a little bit too small for me. Thanks for the shirt, I look forward to it!

  5. You got a fishingfury shirt, you lucky sod!?! i don’t have one of those! i did manage a Lake Maid shirt tho…
    Watch the mail. I’ll send it this week.

    cheers, mate

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