I am the insect king

insect king

(I don’t always look like this, only at night when I have to tape these things over my eyes to protect them during my sleep).  Well it has been three days since I got my myopic eyes Lasik-ed and my post-op recovery seems to be going well.  Actually as part of the procedure I was given a pre-med of some sort of sedative so the surgery was not as bad as I thought it would be; the only unpleasantness was the bit where the sawbones fitted my face with a sort of adhesive mask which holds your eyes open forcibly; it rather brought back memories of the Travis Walton film!   I had an examination 24-hours after the operation, and everything checked out okay; my eyesight measured in at 1.5 each, which means I can get by without wearing any corrective lenses.  I have antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye-drops which I have to administer five times a day, and I can’t really touch my eyes (hence the insectoid-eye masks for bedtime) which means I can’t bathe properly; this is probably the worst part of it all.  Since I have been wearing glasses since the age of 12 – and was essentially blind without them – it really is an odd feeling to be completed liberated of them; when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is reach for the spot I would leave my glasses at night, and I still have the odd habit of pressing my finger to the bridge of my nose where I used to push the frame up higher. My next check-up is this Saturday.

One other thing is that I can’t go fishing for one month while my eyes recover; my next fishing trip is scheduled for 21st June.  Also solvents will affect the healing and my doctor said I should lay off the rod building  (in which I use a lot of oil of camphor and terpentine) for one week. 


7 responses to “I am the insect king

  1. No fishing for how long?!? Crikey!! Good to have the vision now, tho. Congrats.

  2. chris: thanks, it is nice to no longer be a Blind Pew!
    No fishing for a while though. If things get too much I will go to one of those fishing ponds, but I don’t think I will be able to head out to sea.

    How about you, been out fishing lately?

  3. I hope you got some sick leave as well!
    I have been out twice and skunked both times. Fishing for walleye, but all that seems to be biting are the bass (which are out of season). Then in a few weeks when bass season kicks in the bass don’t bite!
    Got the day to meself, so might go out for a bit after seeing the mechanic.
    take it easy.

  4. Well I’ve been in to work every day this week but am off tomorrow. It will be nice to put my feet up and rest my eyes. Actually the hardest part of the recovery has been not being able to wash my face or hair properly. Hopefully past the one-week mark I can take a Japanese bath again.

    Better luck for your next fishing trip…aren’t pike in season now?

  5. Yeah, pike are in season, but i’ve only ever caught 1 walleye. and they are much more tasty!
    Tried again yesterday but the rain came in heavy so we sat in the pub to a few guinness instead.

  6. Wow! I ‘m also bad myopic. ( you are not now!) Do you have any pain?

  7. naoko:
    Thankfully no, the operation was painless. My visual acuity went from 0.05 to 1.5, quite an improvement.
    Since the surgery the acuity in my left eye has regressed from 1.5 slightly (the surgeon warned me about this before I chose to have the operation), although I can still read the line second from bottom on the eye examination chart.

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